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MADEIRA | Portugal Ft. Matt Hunter

Exploring Madeira, Portugal with Matt Hunter: A Memorable Adventure

Embark on a thrilling adventure with renowned explorer Matt Hunter as he takes you on a journey through the picturesque locales of Madeira, Portugal. From its rugged mountains to its stunning coastlines, the beauty of Madeira is simply breathtaking. Get ready to discover the hidden gems of this remarkable destination as we follow Matt Hunter’s exhilarating expedition. Join us as we set off on an unforgettable journey that promises to leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

Heading 1: Introduction

Matt Hunter, a Canadian professional mountain biker, recently took up a thrilling challenge of exploring the Madeira mountains of Portugal in a short film for the Madeira Film Festival. With the filmmaker Bryn North and Etienne Van Rensburg, they chased each other around the island for five days, hiking up and down around 80km of the rocky terrains. The film was a hit and won the competition during the EWS Madeira. John, a guide from Freeride Madeira, led the group through the area.

Heading 2: Madeira – An Ideal Place for Mountain Bikers and Enthusiasts

Madeira offers stunning landscapes for mountain biking and other mountain activities. The island is a favorite spot for trail running and mountain biking enthusiasts. The natural beauty of Madeira entices people to visit the area and experience the diverse terrain for themselves. The Madeira mountains provide a challenging and thrilling experience, with plenty of trails and paths for beginners and experts alike.

Heading 3: The Adventure with Matt Hunter

Matt Hunter’s journey through Madeira was no easy feat. The group hiked, climbed, and biked through the mountains, experiencing the beauty of the area and overcoming challenges along the way. The video showcases breathtaking views of the mountains and captures the essence of the adventure.

Heading 4: The Filmmaker Bryn North and Sound Design Pack Offer

Bryn North, the filmmaker, brings Matt Hunter’s adventure to life with his skills in capturing stunning views and innovative videos. The cinematic quality and sound design in the film make it an enjoyable watch. Bryn North offers a personal sound design pack for sale, giving viewers an opportunity to experience the film’s sound in-depth.

Heading 5: The Equipment Used for Filming

To capture stunning footage, the team used a wide range of equipment, including the Panasonic Gh4 camera, Zhiyun tech crane v 2 gimbal, metabones speedbooster, Canon 1dx mkii, Dji Phantom 4 pro plus, and the Specialized Enduro bike, among others.

Heading 6: FAQs

  1. Who was the guide for Matt Hunter’s journey through Madeira?
    Answer: John from Freeride Madeira was the guide for the group.

  2. What was the competition Matt Hunter’s film won?
    Answer: The film won the competition during the EWS Madeira.

  3. Who else was involved in the video, other than Matt Hunter and Bryn North?
    Answer: Etienne Van Rensburg was also involved in the video.

  4. Can viewers purchase the exact color grading LUT/preset from the film?
    Answer: Yes. The LUT/preset is available for purchase from Explore Travel LUTs.

  5. What other activities can visitors engage in while in Madeira?
    Answer: Madeira offers diverse terrain for trail running and mountain biking, among other mountain activities.

Heading 7: Conclusion

The adventure of exploring Madeira with Matt Hunter was nothing short of an exceptional experience. With challenging trails, breathtaking landscapes, and a team of dedicated guides, the journey was captured and brought to life by filmmaker Bryn North. Madeira is an ideal place for mountain biking and enthusiasts, and one that should be high on the list of travel destinations.

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